The Power of Voice

Tijuana Mural
Tijuana Mural

It is amazing to see how powerful our voices can be.  Sometimes we might feel that our thoughts or opinions do not matter, especially for me growing up as an undocumented child. Hiding under “the shadows” seemed to be my survival mechanism. But my blogging experience proved to me that it is much more powerful to embrace who you are and share yourself with the world.

I do not seek to change people’s opinions or stances on issues, especially on the often times controversial topic of immigration. It is up to each of us to constantly evaluate our beliefs and determine whether they are sound based on what we know and our curiosity to expand our awareness. But if I can help enrich the dialogue with a perspective that adds to the understanding of an issue that is not black-and-white, then I have accomplished my objective.

Thank you for taking the time to read my recently featured post, Hoping for a Return to the U.S…No More.  I appreciate your comments and interest in following Mundo Citizen. I promise to respond to the many opinions and points of views that have been expressed, either by individually commenting or on future posts. Your inputs have inspired and motivated me to keep exercising this newly found voice.


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