Old School Blogging Crosses Borders

Recently I was tagged by Giselle Stern Hernández, Mexican-North American writer and performer, in her recent post to write more about myself in the Crazy Five Edition started by these great bloggers Alison and Elaine. Amazing to think about the reach of these great blog ideas.

Feel honored to have been included in Giselle’s tag list and I hope one day I am able to see her one-woman show live, The Deportee’s Wife. Please visit her blog where she explores the issues she has faced as a result of her husband’s deportation and having to live with a border that came between them.

Now, let’s get this started.

Five Things I Have a Passion For

  1. Social justice/Human Rights (focusing more on migrant and women issues)
  2. Discovering the writer within
  3. Travel and exploration of cultures
  4. Sports. Love basketball, international soccer games, and yes golf!
  5. Salsa dancing

Five Things I’d Like To Do Before I Die

  1. Finish my graduate degree in Global Migration. Take a look at my recent post discussing how I decided to pursue a degree abroad. Thank you to all that have supported my crowdfunding campaign #DreamsWithOutBorders. I appreciate any help in sharing with others. Less than a month left.
  2. Write an autobiography. My story has been featured in Dreamers by Eileen Traux. It will be great to have the opportunity to write a book about my own experience, my life post-deportation. This blog has been a great platform to prepare me for that. Hard to picture myself as a writer, but I previously thought the same about blogging.
  3. Live in foreign country (legally). Since I never had the choice of living in the U.S. in a legal manner, I would like to emigrate to a country that is willing to open its doors to someone like me, even if temporary basis. There is so much to do here in Mexico to fight for the rights of migrants. Exploring the world without fear is something that seemed impossible after living so many years with an undocumented status.
  4. Learn at least two more languages. German and Portuguese are on my list at the moment.
  5. Paying it forward. Many have helped me along the way. I’ll like to do the same for others.

Five Things I Say A Lot

  1. Hola, ¿como estas?
  2. I was deported. (It took me a while to say this out loud, but now is out there!)… and usually followed by
  3. No, I can’t return to the U.S.
  4. Seriously?
  5. Miss you

Five Books/Magazines I’ve Read Lately

  1. Dreamers: La Lucha de Una Generación Por Su Sueño Americano by Eileen Truax
  2. Aftermath: Deportation Law and The New America Diaspora by Daniel Kanstroom
  3. Ovejas Negras: Rebeldes de La Iglesia Mexicana Del Siglo XXI by Emiliano Ruiz Parra
  4. Stephen King On Writing: A Memoir of The Craft by Stephen King
  5. Be Excellent at Anything: The four Keys to Transforming The Way We Work and Live by Tony Schwartz

Five Favorite Movies

  1. Forest Gump
  2. Life of Pi
  3. Lord of the Ring Trilogy
  4. Bend It Like Beckham
  5. Milk

Five Places I’d Like to Travel

  1. Mexico. There are so many beautiful places I have not explored. Tourists know my native country better than I.
  2. Spain
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Germany

Five People I’d Like to Tag

  1. Azul of A Guide to Belonging everywhere
  2. Juan of My Undocumentary
  3. Dean of Little Steps
  4. My Deportation
  5. Carolina of My Documented Life

2 thoughts on “Old School Blogging Crosses Borders

  1. Hola Nancy. I read your post and intended to contact you, but I got distracted by all of the reading I have ahead of me. Thank you for the tag. Living in Knoxville, TN and being so involved in my law studies is threatning my sense of existence. You reminded me that I do exist, and that there are people that are thinking of me. Gracias

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