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I had not realized how much I missed writing until I began drafting this post. A year ago when I had decided to put this blog to rest, I was certain that I was ready to find other avenues for expression, but life took its course and I had to place writing on the back burner. Work has been all-consuming and it kept me busy navigating diplomatic and political spaces where I had limited avenues for expression (at least my honest feelings and opinions about the state of migration in Mexico). Maybe that is part of the reason that now feel compelled to come back to this small concern of virtual space to let myself just be.

Also, looking at my most recent post, I realized I was also fed up with things. I had accumulated grievances along this post-deportation journey and was unclear on what to do with this blog. Also, just the thought of investing limited time to plan and create content became a deterrent. Taking a break was probably a good decision at the moment as I was also dealing with many changes. I will admit that during the last year there were times when I thought –This would be something interesting to write about in Mundo Citizen. But it was easier to plan on just keeping this blog an archive of the first decade after deportation. And so time passed by and well, here we are a year later.

But I came to admit to myself that this craft is something I want to continue to work on, and maybe there is a way to resolve all the issues that led me to take a break. Maybe writing can be more than just ramblings and frustrations on the post-deportation fight and struggle. I won’t know unless I try. Putting myself in the shoes of a reader that has come to this blog with a genuine interest in knowing about the life of a deportee, I would ask – What are the aspirations of a person that has rebuilt her life after all this time? What are the lessons learned of this journey she has taken? What’s next for her? I certainly wished I knew the answers to all these questions; perhaps with intentional introspection and more writing, I might arrive at these answers with newfound joy and inspiration.

Hope to see you in the next blog post.


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