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The downside of documenting a life journey is that you leave behind evidence of your pains and struggles, making it impossible to bury them into oblivion. There are times I wish to forget about living in a country in which I could not prove I belonged. But after deportation, my memories are all I have left of that life.

My writing begins with my search for a “home away from home”, always hopeful but often filled with anger and nostalgia. As I pick up the broken pieces of the past to build a future, what drives me today is a desire to belong again. To do so, as someone who has never stopped being a migrant, I have taken unconventional views on nationality, identity, and the politics of these two, which at times is uncomfortable for you and me. But if you decide to dive into this search with me, in return, you may discover that you have much more in common with the “other” in surprising ways.

Tijuana, U.S.-Mexico Border at the Pacific ©Mundo Citizen
Tijuana, U.S.-Mexico Border at the Pacific Ocean ©Mundo Citizen

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