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Born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, United States, Nancy Landa is an advocate for migrant rights. At age nine, she emigrated with her family to Los Angeles where she established a life of 20 years. She completed her degree in Business Administration from California State University Northridge (CSUN) where she also served as the first undocumented Latina student government President.

In 2009, Nancy was forced to return to Mexico and settled in Tijuana where she lived for three years in the shadows of deportation. After President Barack Obama’s announcement in June 2012 on the Deferred Action (DACA) program, which excludes Dreamer returnees like herself, Nancy decided to come out as a deportee. Her story of forced return has been featured in various media publications and it is now included in three books: “Dreamers, an immigrant generation’s right for their American Dream” (Eileen Truax: 2013 – Spanish edition & 2015 – English edition) and “Los Otros Dreamers, The Book” (Jill Anderson and Nin Solís 2014).

Walking next to Tijuana Border Photo Credit: Nin Solis
Walking next to Tijuana Border (Photo Credit: Nin Solis)

Nancy is also the author of the blog mundocitizen.com, an online platform created to document her life journey post-deportation and to explore contemporary issues in migration from perspectives often unheard from – voices of migrants themselves. Her interests in the phenomenon of human mobility propelled her to continue her migratory journey to London where she completed her Masters of Science (MSc) at University College London (UCL). Nancy is currently leading initiatives that merge research and social action to create transnational networks of solidarity among migrants and advocates.


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Nancy Landa es defensora de los derechos del migrante. Nació en la Ciudad de México y emigró a Los Angeles a los nueve años de edad con su familia y estableció una vida de 20 años. Obtuvo su licenciatura en Administración de Empresas en California State University Northridge (CSUN) donde fue la primera Latina indocumentada en tener el cargo de Presidente del gobierno estudiantil.

En el 2009, fue forzada a regresar a México y se estableció en Tijuana en donde vivió por tres años en las sombras de la deportación. Después del anuncio del Presidente Barack Obama en junio del 2012 sobre el programa de Acción Diferida que excluyen a Dreamers retornados como ella, Landa decidió compartir públicamente su historia de deportación. Su experiencia de retorno forzado ha sido incluida en tres libros: “Dreamers. La lucha de una generación por su sueño Americano” (Eileen Truax: 2013 – edición en español 2015 – edición en inglés) y “Los Otros Dreamers, The Book” (Jill Anderson and Nin Solís 2014).


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Nancy es autora del blog mundocitzen.com, una plataforma en línea desarrollada para documentar su vida después de la deportación y explorar temas contemporáneos de la migración desde una perspectiva que muchas veces no es escuchada – las voces de los propios migrantes. Su interés en el fenómeno de movilidad humana la impulsó a continuar su trayectoria migratoria a Londres donde completó su Master en Ciencias (MSc) en University College London (UCL). Actualmente, Nancy dirige iniciativas que combinan la investigación académica y acción social para crear redes transnacionales de solidaridad de migrantes y activistas.


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  1. I met several of the Ottos Dreamers in Oaxaca in July 2013 and was very impressed with their determination to overcome many obstacles and build adult lives in Mexico. So I would like to know what has happened to the project that was bringing them together when I met them. I see that their domain name has expired and hope that is not an indication that the project is no
    longer operating.

    1. Some groups of returned Dreamers may be connected with the larger Los Otros Dreamers network or not as many regional efforts are autonomous, perhaps this is the case for Oaxaca; although there are dreamers that shared their testimonios in Los Otros Dreamers, The Book. If you let me know which group you are referring it (and if you are interested in supporting ongoing efforts) I more than happy to check. Feel free to email me at mundocitzen at gmail. Thank you for your comment.

  2. It was really nice meeting you. I am reading your site with a lot of interest. We had interesting discussions that are very relevant and current for these times… I hope we can learn more from each other in the future and that your actions will change the world!

    1. Thank you Tima! Yes, there is much to do with migrant’s rights in light of all that is happening at the moment, especially in Europe. Looking forward to staying in touch.

  3. Every time there is a new travesty like the current raids on recent arrivals from Central America I think of you and the Ottos Dreamers I met in Oaxaca in 2013. I send you my warmest wishes.

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