A visual of my life post-deportation. Much has happened since I decided to be public with my story in 2012 and through a photo essay, I attempt to highlight key moments of a process that has brought a new meaning to my life journey – one in which I have acquired new experiences, worked on interesting projects, and met amazing friends and collaborators. Some of the snapshots featured in this gallery include press conferences, book presentations, advocacy projects, and other milestones that have shaped me as a person, activist and migration scholar. It is far from being a complete documentation of all the meaningful projects that I have been involved in or moments I have experienced, but it is certainly a glimpse of a story that continues to evolve.

Walking along the Mex-US border (Playas de Tijuana). Photo credit: Nin Solís
The Landa family post-deportation. Tijuana. Photo Credit: Nin Solís
Joining Eileen Truax in the book launch of Dreamers, and the first time I speak in public about my story (June 2013). Photo Credit: Sergio Hurtado
At second presentation of Dreamers at COLEF, the media joined us (Tijuana, September 2013). Photo Credit: Nin Solís
In London to begin my graduate studies (September 2013), thanks to the help of many friends and supporters.
My story, included in three books: Dreamers (Spanish & English), Los Otros Dreamers (Jill Anderson and Nin Solís)
Confrontation with policy makers at the Ministry of Public Education (March 2015). Click HERE for more details (Spanish) and HERE for a commentary of the barriers to education access faced by deportees in Mexico . Photo Credit: Jacqueline  Aguilar
Organizing and participating in the “De Aquí and Allá” conference, designed as a space of dialogue for migrant youth activist from Central America, Mexico and the USA (Mexico City, July 2015). Credit: Jóvenes Sin Fronteras
Becoming present to the history of xenophobia and its devastation on humanity: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (Berlin, August 2015). Photo Credit: Nin Solis
Posing a question  on the refugee crisis to policy-makers at the European Parliament (Brussels, October 2015). Photo Credit: Sri Mulyati
International Migrant’s Day: Leaving a message for the US Government at its embassy in Mexico City (December 2015)


If you have ideas on more meaningful projects, initiatives or ways we can collaborate and strengthen transnational solidarity for migrants, please send me a note HERE.


About the author:

Nancy (aka Mundo Citizen) writes on transborder activism, her experience of being a deportee under the Obama Administration, and the social injustices migrants face due to the increasingly restrictive immigration policies in the Americas and beyond. You can also follow me via Twitter, Facebook or Google+