Pilot Podcast “Home and Away: All American Always, Mexican”

In January 2016, Azul and I decided to give podcasting a shot.

Over the last couple of years, we both have been publishing some narrative articles about our life experiences, continued to blog about them (check out Azul’s blog A Guide to Belonging Everywhere), and interviewed and presented in countless conferences and panels to talk about life post-deportation. Why not try a collaborative podcast where we could share our conversations full of opinions on binational politics and identity issues filled with humor? (Azul is the funny, witty one; and I… I don’t know what I am!!!).

This gave birth to our pilot podcast series “Home and Away: All American Always, Mexican”, where we explored our “journey” back to Mexico after living most of our lives in the United States: Azul in Farmers Branch, Texas and I in Los Angeles, California.

I later learned that planning a whole episode, recording and editing are not easy tasks; and sometimes life, as unstable as it has been for both of us, took priority. But, it was still a fun project and I would do it again if given the chance.

I still believe in multimedia efforts that can reach wider platforms and I hope one day we can come back to it.

You can listen to our three pilot episodes in SoundCloud: