Post-deportation journal

I am attempting a weekly journal in my the last year of my 10-year US re-entry ban, so that I am more aware of my thoughts and occurrences as I reach this phase of my life comes to an end.

This list will continue to be updated with new journal entries.


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Week 52 (Sept. 2- Sept. 8): In a state of limbo: I thought the last year of my 10-year ban I could try to get more of my thoughts in writing, posting brief weekly life annotations. Here goes Week 52, a brief look into the constant feeling of emotional displacement.

Week 51 (Sept. 9- Sept. 15): Why I have chosen English in my post-deportation journaling: Because, as a survivor of displacement, it is the language that makes me feel understood

Week 50 (Sept. 16- Sept. 22): Does “returned migrant” status have an expiration date? The quick answer is NO, but on this post I elaborate why being a returned migrant can be a permanent state of being or at least an experience that marks you for the rest of your life.

Week 49 (Sept 23 – Sept 29): Reclaiming my own story As I get closer to ending my 10-year ban, I feel like my story was already extracted of its journalistic use. It is already a documented national case study, it has already been overused for research purposes. I have already endured the research burden that a subject is supposed to be exposed to (I know, I have studied research methodologies and ethical approches to research). I no longer have a need to retell my story for these purposes. Anything else that remains to be said, I want to do it on my own terms.



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