Check out some of the projects I have worked on in my post-deportation life. Click on section images for more information.

This is a new section in the blog and it is still under development. Come back to check additional projects that will be added.


Activist Research

Improving access for educational opportunities for deportees. I was engaged in leading efforts to change policies in Mexico that removed barriers for migrants and returnees to enroll in school (changes to SEP Agreement 286 in 2015).

Keynote Speaker at COLEF (2013)
Speaking about my experience of not being able to have my U.S. education recognized in Mexico in COLEF, Tijauna (June 2013)


Countdown to Return to the U.S.

I explain why I am banned from returning to the U.S. for ten years and a countdown I started with this blog, which has now become a joint venture with my friend and fellow deportee, Azul.



Home & Away: All American, Always Mexican

This is another Azul and Nancy project.

In this pilot podcast series, we explore what it means to belong (or not), to be at home (or not), and to be part of two countries that have been ingrained in our DNA. Your very own binational broads abroad share their unique perspectives on a range of issues on both sides of the Mexico-U.S. Border.