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Making a difference is what I am passionate about, and I want to create a site for those that have been impacted by immigration policies around the world, so they know they are not alone.

This site has reached thousands of people since I launched it in 2012.

It started with a need of making sense of what happened to me, to help me heal through writing. It is now evolving into a platform where others can listen to voices and perspectives that are not heard in public debates on social justice issues for migrants who have experienced deportation and forced return. This blog, and all the advocacy projects I have engaged as result, I do on my own time and resources, driven by my own convictions that migrant stories should be told from the migrant voice and perspective, not through filters that diminish or distort the complexity that is to be a migrant, a deportee.

Over the past few years, friends, colleagues and followers have suggested that I start a non-profit or an organization focused on helping deportees in Mexico. However, I don’t feel that making a difference can only be done through organized civil society. Sometimes, is about acquiring the know-how of advocacy, being (or forcing yourself to be) in spaces to influence decision-making, and building the alliances that will strengthen your cause. I continue to believe in projects that give freedom and flexibility to follow the path that your heart tells you to take. Mundo Citizen has become that for me.

If you find value in my work and want to help, here are some ways you can support it.

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Sharing and Connecting in Social Media

  • Share my articles with other people. Most of the returnees and deportees whom I have met with similar life experiences have found me through this blog or a post they have read. Knowing that they can connect with others that understand what they are going through can make a difference as they are rebuilding their lives.
  • Comment on my articles and social media posts. I love reading and responding to your comments. I am especially interested in connecting with those of you that want to share your experience and advice that can help others. Don’t be shy 🙂
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  • Cross-posting and guest blogger. Many of my articles have appeared in other blogs and websites which have helped tremendously in having my voice reach wider audiences. You can reblog my content on your sites (keeping in mind these credit guidelines). I am also open to being a guest blogger. I write in both English and Spanish.

Building Bridges of Collaboration

If you have ideas on more meaningful projects, initiatives, or ways we can collaborate and strengthen transnational solidarity for migrants, please contact me HERE